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Get to Know Matt

Matt Holm started his journey with Tesla back in 2012 when he ordered his first car. It arrived in March 2013 and it was love at first sight.

That same week, Elon Musk arrived in Austin to petition the state of Texas to allow for legalization of Tesla sales in the state. Matt worked with the press and started meeting with some of the Tesla owners in support of the car company and thus began the Tesla Owners Club of Austin. Starting with Cars And Coffee events, track days at COTA, various club meet ups and an annual party that has grown to nearly 150 attendees this last year. The club has been a labor of love and Matt serves as president and founder, originally of the Central Texas club (San Antonio and Austin combined) and now the spin off of just the Austin division.

While simultaneously growing the club membership to over 2000 members, Matt made time to work a little bit on his business too. Ranked annually, for the last three years, as a top 10 agent for total volume in Austin (per Austin Business Journal) Matt is a powerhouse in the Austin real estate community and has personally transacted over 1100 real estate deals throughout the greater Austin area in his 12 year career.


Now with the advent of Tesla moving to Austin, the excitement of combining both passions is an unbelievable opportunity.

With deep insight into Tesla and a passion to serve its employees at all levels, Matt and his team are ready to handle all the relocations coming to this great town. Combining an intimate knowledge of the Austin area and deep roots in the Westlake community, the Holm team will provide the essential education, guidance, and negotiation skills to make Tesla employees relocations as easy and smooth as driving down Mopac on autopilot.



Get to know Anuarbek

As an early investor in Tesla, Anuarbek has been a great supporter of the company since 2012. In 2015 he helped create the Tesla Owners Club in North Houston and served as the club President until moving to Austin in 2018. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Tesla Owners Club in Austin.

In addition to his involvement with the Austin Tesla Owners Club, Anuarbek also co-hosts a popular Tesla Podcast called the “Tesla Geeks Show” with his co-host, Eli Burton, also known as Starman in the Tesla Community and creator of popular comic “The Adventures of Starman”.

Fun fact about Anuarbek, during the Model Y unveil in 2019, Anuarbek convinced Elon Musk to take Tesla Supercharging to his home country of Kazakhstan. So in late summer 2019 Anuarbek accompanied executives from Tesla to Kazkahstan where they helped with the installation of 2 supercharging locations in the country.

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